Our Causes

Women Empowerment

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The African woman is undoubtedly the backbone of the African family and their role is often underest

Gbebiro Health Screen

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GBEBIRO health screen is an initiative of MaternalPulse Foundation which has reached all the 18 loca

Global Work

Maternal Pulse Foundation is an (NGO) designed to provide strategic support for various initiatives poised to tackle multi-faceted societal ills.


MPF is committed to repositioning the good people of Ondo State and Nigeria as a whole, with meaningful and impactful intervention with key focus on women, children and the family as a whole.


MPF has been in existence and operational for many years, giving succour to indigent people, it was formally presented to the good people of Ondo State in February 2011 by Her Excellency, Mrs OlukemiMimiko.


MaternalPulse Foundation has been set up to advocate for the total wellbeing of the Mother and Child.

Events Workshops, Roundtables, and Webinars

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